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100 x Light Bluish Grey LEGO® 1x8 Bricks

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100 x Light Bluish Grey LEGO® 1x8 Bricks

Are you looking for just bricks to add to your collection? Fed up of receiving completely random items when buying LEGO® in bulk? Then this is the product for you!

This listing is for 100 x genuine 1x8 light bluish grey LEGO® bricks (part number: 3008). All these bricks are brand new and have never been used. Although these parts are brand new they may have minor signs of wear (such as light scratches) due to being stored in large containers together. 

Alternatively, If you're just starting your LEGO® journey and looking for a larger selection parts, why not check out some of our other packs like our LEGO® Booster Pack or our 1kg of loose LEGO®?


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