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100 x Mixed LEGO® 2x4 Bricks

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100 x Mixed LEGO® 2x4 bricks 

Are you looking for just bricks to add to your collection? Fed up of receiving completely random items when buying LEGO® in bulk? Then this is the product for you!

This listing is for 100 x genuine 2x4 LEGO® bricks (part number: 3001) in various colours. All these bricks are brand new and have never been used.


In each pack you will receive the following:

10 x Black bricks 

10 x Dark purple bricks 

10 x Lime green bricks 

10 x Coral bricks 

10 x Medium azure bricks 

10 x Red bricks 

10 x Medium Nougat bricks 

10 x White bricks 

10 x Orange bricks 

10 x Yellow bricks 

Although these parts are brand new they may have minor signs of wear (such as light scratches) due to being stored in large containers together. 

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