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Hands holding different minifigures

Fun LEGO® Party Ideas for Kids: Spark Their Imagination

Are you planning a children's party and looking for engaging activities? LEGO® bricks offer countless opportunities for fun and imaginative play. Find 4 fantastic ideas below for using the beloved bricks at kids parties that will keep everyone entertained and inspired.

Building Competition

Set up a table with a variety of bricks and let the kids unleash their creativity. Divide the children into teams or let them work individually. Set a time limit and let them build anything they can imagine or give them some guidelines.

Once the time's up, have everyone present their creations and give out small prizes or certificates for categories like most creative, tallest structure, or most colourful.

Custom Minifigure Station

A selection of minifigure heads with different expressions

Set up a station where kids can create their own custom LEGO® minifigures. Provide a selection of minifigure parts, such as heads, torsos, legs, and accessories, for the kids to mix and match. This activity allows children to express their individuality and creativity. Consider setting challenges to create themselves or their favourite character! 

Treasure Hunt

Hide LEGO® polybags or minifigures around the party area, and provide clues to find them. Treasure hunts always keep children engaged and active throughout the party! Here are some example clues to get your started:

Clue 1 - In the garden there's a tree with branches wide, under its shade is where bricks may hide.

Clue 2 - Look beneath the table where snacks are placed, there you'll find a blocky treasure hidden in a case.

Race Car Challenge

Provide the children with LEGO® bricks and wheels to create their own race cars. Create a ramp and see which car can travel furthest without veering off course. For this activity, they'll need to figure out how to build a car that is both fast and stable.

LEGO® Gift Ideas

Our Mystery Box is a popular gift choice and inlcludes only genuine LEGO® products. For younger children, consider 1kg of genuine, washed bricks to let their imaginations run wild!

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