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LEGO® for Team Building: 3 Ideas for Fun Activities at Work

LEGO® for Team Building: 3 Ideas for Fun Activities at Work

Foster collaboration, communication, and trust in the workplace with LEGO® team building activities. Building with the beloved toy bricks provides a unique platform for engaging and effective workshops. Check out these three ideas for your next group activity:

Bridge Challenge

Get plenty of LEGO® bricks and divide the group into teams. Set a time limit and task them to construct a bridge capable of supporting a specific weight. Teams must strategise and collaborate to build the sturdiest bridge possible. This is a great activity for problem solving, collaboration, and resource management.

Blind Building

Before you start, build a structure which utilises the same bricks you'll provide to each pair. Organise your group into pairs. They'll assign one person as the "builder" and the other the "instructor." Only the instructor can see the pre-built structure (consider placing it outside the room). They must look at and describe the structure to the builder, who recreates it based on verbal guidance alone. This activity highlights the importance of clear communication and active listening.

Puzzle Challenge

In this activity, teams must complete a puzzle by connecting individual pieces into a cohesive structure. Prior to the activity, create a unique design and dismantle it into smaller sections. Each team receives a portion of the dismantled pieces and must work together to reconstruct the original design. This activity encourages teamwork, creative thinking, and effective communication.

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