Sell Your LEGO®

The Brick Bin would love to buy your old pre-loved LEGO®, whether it's minifigures, sets or just loose bricks. New or used - it doesn't matter to us! We don't expect your LEGO® items to be in the most pristine condition but the better condition the better prices we are able to pay. So, if you've lost interest in collecting, you're tired of acting out the same intergalactic battles or even just want to exchange some of your duplicates for something new, remember we buy entire collections or even single figures so please get in touch and request a quote today.

If you would like to sell your LEGO®​​​​ to us then please give us as much information as possible including pictures if available so we're able to give you the most accurate price possible. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a price and you can decide if you would like to continue with us or not. Get in touch today.

What are we looking for?

We are always open to buying any LEGO® items you are looking to sell however please see our list below to see the main things we are currently interested in.

1 - LEGO® Polybags new in sealed packets 

2 - Brand new LEGO® sets in sealed boxes
3 - LEGO® sets complete with box or instructions
4 - Loose LEGO® bricks
5 - LEGO® sets complete without box or instructions (Used)

Ready to sell? Get in touch today.